Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello one and all!!!!
I have been in Europe for the month of March so I apologize for the long pause in my updating. However tonight is a great night! It is the 2010 Spring PLEDGE DRIVE!!!!
For those of you who don't know about our pledge drive once a semester every year we ask our listeners to buy a piece of our station and support us and keep us on air!
The way to do it is to call 303-735-7625 and talk to one of our lovely volunteers and buy watts!~
So tonight I have a great set of you all I really excited about this set, it is some good oldies and some new ones for me from old artists.

SO TUNE IN!!!!!!!

Where The Wild Things Roam-The Goops
Party-The Soap
Got All This Waiting-The Gossip
Pretty In Pink-Seagulls Screaming
Blue Train-Cibo Matto
Peace Meal-X-Ray Spex
Steppin' in Her I. Miller Shoes-Betty Davis
Machine-Regina Spektor
Chirppin' the Blues-Alberta Hunter

Watts cost $10 each