Wednesday, February 24, 2010

draining slowly down the pipe

Hey ALL!!!!
Ok so there is a show down in denver at the meadowlark tomorrow night at 830pm 5 dollar cover. It is an open mic night for female artists hosted by the local group Titwrench! Be there!

ok here is my set list:

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This-Annie Lennox
Call Me-Blondie
Painted By Numbers-The Sounds-Dying To Say This To You
Six Underground-Sneaker Pimps
With Arms Outstretched-Rilo Kiley-The Execution of all Thing
The Instinct-Denali-The Instinct
Artificial Light-Rainer Maria-A Better Version Of Me
Jesus Saves, I spend-St. Vincint-Marry Me
Happiness is a Warm Gun-The Breeders-Pod
Western Eyes-Portishead-Portishead
So Jealous-Tegan and Sarah-So Jealous
Love is Pain-Joan Jett
Yr Mangled Heart-The Gossip-Standing in the Way of Control
Magnetized-Laura Veirs-Year of the Meteors
Blue Alert-Madeleine Peyroux
Ever Fallen In Love-Nouvelle Vague-Band A Part
Rabbit Fur Coat-Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins-Rabbit Fur Coat
Jerk Me-New Young Pony Club-Fantastic Playroom
The Lonely Voyeur-Jarboe-Thirteen Masks

I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Set list 2/10/10

Siouxsie and the Banshees-Hong Kong Garden-The Peels Sessions
Gang Gang Dance-God' Money V-God's Money
La Patere Rose- La Marelle-La Patere Rose
Fever Ray-Now's The Only Time I know-S/T
Emily Frembgen and the Spiky Little Pinecones-Chateau Marmont-EP
Carla Bruni-Tout Le Monde
Yma Sumac-Gopher-The Mambo
Tsunami Bomb-...Not Forever-The Invasion From Within
Francoise Hardy-Le Temps de L'Amour
The Pack A.D.-Underground-Funeral Mixtape
The Shangri-Las-Out In The Streets
Two Ton Boa-Coming Up From Behind-S/T
Zap Mama-Rafiki-Calabash
Erase Errata-Cruising-Nightlife
Talk Normal-Transmission Lost-Sugarland

Dirty Nasty Little Vices!

Hello peoples!
I am so excited about this weeks show. I will be updating after the show for a complete set list but for sure new music today. I have made friends with (through email) a group called Titwrench! A group that does a female dominated music festival every summer in denver and so one of the collaborators has done me the great favor of sending some new music my way! Most of it I havent even heard before so it is entirely new for me as well!
If you wanna check out titwrench you should!
Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great Divide

Hello Hello!
So I am BACK this semester which is great! I very excited to continue to share glorious music with you wonderful people out there!
The best part about this semester is that I will be helping a new girl, Kyra, take over this show! So every once in a while LIKE TONIGHT, she will be coming in and doing the show without me. So I am excited to hear what she plays tonight and please remember to call in and make suggestions at 303-492-1190 or email her at remember though only female dominated bands.
I will also take this opportunity to remind the general public about what this show is all about. This show is about honoring and exemplifying the beauty and glory of the female dominated music scene. This means we are interested in playing ALL forms of female dominated music. Female dominated means bands that either are predominately female or exemplify the female voice. So we play most of everything as long as it is done with a female voice.
SO we will try and post any information on new bands and our weekly play set. If you have suggestions or ideas please let me know.

New Bands for this week that I have discovered and will play hopefully next week:
Coeur De Pirate-a cute little french band great piano overtones
The Pack A.D.
Gang Violence
Check um out!