Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mattle is an idiot

Sorry all to who read this blog and had to endure Mattle being an idiot.
Here is my play list for this week!
Happy Halloween!!
Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet-Situation-S/T
V For Vendetta-The Politics of Feeling Ok-Beneath This Mask Another Mask
Perfume Tree-the nightmirror-A lifetime Away
Epoxies-You Kill Me-Stop The Future
Lung Leg-Lust For Leg-Maid to Minx
Ludus-Breaking The Rules-Grlz
The Heart Throbs-Tossed Away-Cleopatra Grip
Tsunami Bomb-The Invasion From Within-The Invasion From With in
L7-American Society-Smell the Magic
The Need-Dear Diary-The Need Is Dead
Numbers-Hey Hey Dream
Chicks on Speed-Turn of the Century-The Unreleases
The Sounds-Painted By Numbers-Dying to Say This To You
Santogold-I'm A lady-S/T
Bratmobile-Eating Toothpaste-Ladies, Women, and Girls
The Third Sex-Lights Out-Back To Go
Cadallaca-Out West-Out West

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